Chimney liner 6" (150 mm)

150 mm Chimney Liners

Dinak chimney liners are twin wall flue liners made from high quality stainless steel. Either 316L grade or 904L grade.

Our flexible chimney liners are Hetas and CE approved, Suitable for use with solid fuel, wood, gas and oil appliances.

  • 316L grade - for all applications except processed coal.
  • 904L grade - even more resistant to the corrosive substances created by combustion. Also for processed coal and condensing applications.

Chimney liners are sold by the metre and cut to your order size before shipping. Available in cut lengths from 4 metres.
A flexible liner is easy to handle, with high resistance to traction and torsion. With specific fittings a chimney liner is quick and easy to install.

If your chimney liners is not long enough for your installation there will undoubtedly be delays and disappointment (plus the additional cost of a correctly sized flue liner). Adding an extra metre (or two) - will help ensure your installation goes ahead without delay and could save you far more than the small additional cost.

The flue liner legally needs to be a minimum of 6" in diameter if you are burning wood. Unless when you instal a DEFRA approved stove with a 5" flue outlet, in which case you can use a 5" liner.

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