Flue liner for Oil & Gas 125 mm

Not only solid fuel appliances need a chimney liner - gas flue liner is also often required, too. Gas chimney liner differs from solid fuel liner as it is only single ply, making it unsuitable for use with wood burning or multi fuel stoves which produce smoke. A gas fireplace liner doesn't have to deal with the same level of emissions and high heat, but is still often needed to prevent carbon monoxide leaks from causing harm.

At Trade Price Flues, we have an excellent choice of chimney liner for gas fireplaces that you can rely on. Available in diameters starting from 4 inches up to 8 inches, you can also select your required flue liner length by the metre. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, our flexible gas chimney liner is also easy to install when relining any masonry flue. Shop yours at excellent prices online today.

Flue chimney liner is sold by the metre and cut to your order size before shipping. Available in cut lengths of  8, 10, 12 meters.
A flue liner is easy to handle, with high resistance to traction and torsion. With specific fittings flue liners are quick and easy to install.

If your liner is not long enough for your installation there will undoubtedly be delays and disappointment (plus the additional cost of a correctly sized flue liner). Adding an extra metre (or two) - will help ensure your installation goes ahead without delay and could save you far more than the small additional cost.