Flue pipe

Stainless steel single wall flue pipe

Stainless steel flue pipe

This single walled flue pipe is manufactured from 1mm thick 316 grade stainless steel and is far superior to vitreous enamel tubes. It is suitable for gas, oil, wood and coal fired appliances. Available as straight pipe lengths, bends & Tees with fittings and accessories.

Single wall flue pipes are designed for use on non condensing appliances and with the addition of a seal to the joint, it makes it suitable for condensing gas and oil appliances.

Building regulations advise a mimimum flue pipe size of 150mm and HETAS installers may not fit or connect to a 125mm system

These flue pipes can provide a useful answer for relining certain types of chimney where it is best to fit a rigid system in an essentially straight chimney as the liners need to be lowered down the chimney. They can be wrapped or backfilled with insulation.

We supply 1mm and also 0.6mm thick 316 grade flue pipe liners that are CE marked and included in the HETAS list of approved products for use with solid fuel and wood burning appliances.

The 1mm thick flue pipe liners are also used for connecting a stove to a chimney and feature probably the most secure spigot and socket jointing available

    • Advanced corrosion-resistant design and construction
    • 0.6mm 316L continuously-welded stainless steel.
    • Engineered-tolerance joint simply push-fits together.
    • Optionally, a locking band can be fitted for extra joint security.


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