Pellet stove pipe 4'

Pellet stove pipe 4' (pellet or gas)

A pellet stove pipe is designed to be used in conjunction with Pellet Stoves or Pellet Boiler Stoves and is a single wall connecting pipe to Twin Wall or Flexible Chimney Liner.

Available in 3" (80mm) and 4" (100mm) internal diameters, these pipes can be used in conjunction with any narrow diameter stove but are primarily designed for use with pellet burners and require joint seals to prevent any forced flue gases from escaping.

The installation of Pellet Stove Pipe is similar to that of any standard single wall pipe but with the addition of joint seals in the female end. These pipes should only be used internally to connect to Twin Wall or Flexible Chimney Liner. Suitable for any pellet fuel appliance with temperatures not exceeding 750oC.

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