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Vitreous Enamel steel pipe matt only has a male end and no female end. The male end must be installed facing downwards. Due to only having one tapered end this pipe can be easily cut and still used within a system, with the male end from the second piece going inside the cut end of the first piece.

250mm in Length and 175mm (7”) in diameter Vitreous enamelled stove pipe.

This 250mm section of stove pipe is usually used as a starter section and fits directly into the spigot on your stove. 

It then passes through the register plate into the chimney and connects to a flexible flue liner using an adapter.

Alternatively when using a twin wall insulated flue system the Twin wall adapter slots into the stove pipe.


Additional Information

Name Stove Pipe Telescopic eff. 210mm max.
Reference number MATTTELX7
Overlap (cm) 5 cm
Distance to flammables (cm) 3 x diameter = 53 cm
Material Vitreous mild steel
Delivery time (working days) 1-2
(Compatible with) internal pipe diameter (mm) 175