Flue for woodburning stoves and multi fuel stoves

Use isolated twin wall flue pipes. Only in the room of the stove you can use single wall connection pipes  (stove pipes)

Flue for Pellet stoves

In the room of the pellet oven: use pellet pipes. Outside the house, or higher in the house: use twill wall flue pipes

Flue for Gas stoves

Conventional gas fires must always be connected to a chimney. This needs to be a Class 1 chimney, either constructed of masonry or twin-wall steel, this is the same type of chimney that is required for all solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

Balanced flue gas fires are room-sealed and the combustion air is not drawn from the room. They use a concentric flue that serves both the combustion air and the waste gases. Depending upon the model, the twin-walled concentric pipe may exit horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof.