Sometimes things do go wrong......

And that can be anything; 

With the order; to many pieces ordered - or not enough; a wrong diameter, a faulty address etcetera....

And like anywhere else, we also make mistakes; things are not always 100% as we want them to be. A wrong product, mistake in the invoice; these can happen unfortunately.


But we always solve it!

We do not leave you alone with your problem. We will keep on trying untill the issue is solved and you are 100% satisfied. We will not stop untill all is resolved. We can exchange a part, send a new piece, advise per phone or email, whatever it takes.

That is our commitment

Just to reassure you; 99% of the orders are right from beginning till the end!


Please be aware that any orders placed between Tuesday December 19th (2pm) 2017 and Tuesday January 2nd 2018 will be dispatched after Tuesday January 2nd 2018.



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