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904 Flue liner

In our high-standard and comprehensive 904 flexible flue liner kit, we offer everything you need to make it work with a coal or multi-fuel stove. There are multiple variants available, differing in their diameters and lengths, as we want them to suit as many stove and chimney types as possible. 

In this way, no matter if you are looking for a 904 flue liner 6-inch, a 904 flue liner 5-inch or a different size, we are always able to help you. Moreover, as we are certain of our products’ high standard, you will get a lifetime warranty on them.


Choose the right variant for you below:

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To learn more about the chosen flue liner 904 products, you can click on them in the “your selections” box and read the details. 

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  • 4Required Raincap Finish

Even when you have already put the whole 904 flue liner kit in the shopping basket, you can still adjust it to your needs. For example, you can find additional parts by clicking on one of the buttons below and improving your flue liner kit 904 in accordance with your individual needs. 


Specialised Products to Line a Coal Stove or Chimney


There are many circumstances where a standard 6-inch 904 flue liner kit or another standard pack is not enough. You may need such enhancements like fire cement or register plate, to mention but a few. Nevertheless, there is a high chance we have just what you need! You can browse our full offer of the best 904 flue liner solutions - just pick the right diameter:

5" (125mm)  6" (150mm)

904 Flue liner

Are you searching for an efficient and safe 904 chimney liner? You have come to the right place! We offer high-quality flue liner 904 solutions that can serve you flawlessly for years and don’t be affected by corrosion, as they are made from premium stainless steel. 

On top of that, our products are surprisingly easy to assemble, so it is a really cost-effective option.

No matter if you are building a new chimney, just bought a new coal stove, or are trying to refurbish the one you already have, our 904 flexible flue liner kits will certainly prove great. They are often selected and recommended by amateurs and professional contractors alike. Choose the best 904 flue liner to keep your coal stove or chimney working safely and effectively!


Flue liner kits

For more convenient shopping, we have prepared complete 904 flue liner kits based on the most popular dimensions found in most houses and bungalows. To make it suitable for your coal stove or chimney, you may need to add or delete some items, which can easily be done in the shopping basket. 

Keep in mind that the instructions we provide on our site are just guides, and we do not take any responsibility for how you install the ordered 904 flue liner in your system. 

Please make sure that the 904 flue liner kit you selected is compatible with your coal stove or chimney before you make a purchase. If necessary, you can refer to building regulations or HETAS regulations for more precise clarification. 

Also, in the case of any questions or doubts concerning any 904 flue liner from our offer, you can always reach out to our friendly and professional team. Call or email us, and we will help you as soon as we can!

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