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Stove Pipe 125 mm (5 Inch)

Matt black, single wall, stove pipe. Its enamelled interior and exterior ensure the durability of the colour and increases its resistance to high temperatures and condensation. At 1mm steel thickness the stove pipe can be easily cut to the required size using fine-grain grinding disks.

A black stove pipe, commonly called the “connector pipe,” is used to vent the stoves exhaust out of the living space and into a chimney liner or chimney system and also to connect the stove to a flexible liner or twin wall flue. It’s also used as a flue stove connection for domestic and commercial heating appliances to flue/chimney.

The first part will slot inside the collar via the male spigot at the bottom end of the pipe.

By building regulations the single skin flue must terminate at least 450mm below combustible ceilings (otherwise 150mm). Additionally, the flue must be three times it's diameter away from combustible materials - i.e., for a 125mm single skin flue pipe you must have a 375mm circle around the centre line of the flue with no combustible materials.

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25 Item(s)