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Flue supplies

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FLue supplies

We are one of the largest flue suppliers to the UK and the EU.

We are committed to supplying high-quality flue systems and supplies to our customers at a competitive price. We only sell HETAS-accredited products. We offer a wealth of experience and are more than happy to provide technical advice when discussing stove and flue installations.

We permanently stock a large range of flue fittings, including flue liners, twin-walled insulated flue, vitreous flue pipes, flue accessories etc for all types of appliances. So whatever you need for your installation you can always contact us to solve your problem.

From our homepage  you can immediately choose almost any chimney product you might need, from flue liners, twin-walled insulated flue, vitreous flue pipes, and flue accessories together with a large range of accessory products.

Why choose for flue supplies?

With such an extensive range of flue supplies and components available, a prompt delivery service is guaranteed. What’s more, all of the chimney flue systems we provide, are manufactured by market leaders and cover most multi fuel stove installation, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting high-quality and reliable flue products for your chimney system.

Our double wall isolated pipes are of course HETAS approved and have the T600 European certificate. We also supply single wall pipes, flue pipes, black stove pipes and chimney liners.

We supply a full range of chimney systems, delivered from the warehouse in Manchester.

Our twin wall pipes are supplied with the necessary locking bands free of charge!

We offer a 30 years warrantee.