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We are Europes biggest webstore specialised in flue pipes and twin wall flue pipes. We garantee a high quality flue for a reasonable price. And we gladly help you chosing the necessary elements. If something goes wrong: we will help you solving the issue!

Our double wall flue pipes are of course HETAS approved and have the T600 European certificate. We also supply single wall flue pipes, black stove pipes, as well as chimney liners.

We supply a full range of Dinak Chimney Systems and Flue Systems. Everything you would need for your chimney. We supply from Dinak flashings to Dinak twin wall and single wall flues.

About our flue pipes

A flue pipe is made of stainless steel. For twin wall flue pipes, ceramic wool of the highest quality is used as isolation material. Every flue pipe you find in our webstore has been designed for evacuation of flue gases, and for renovation of existing chimney pipes. Our flue pipes can be used for wood stoves, coal stoves, pellet ovens, oil heaters or gas stoves. Our flue pipes ccan be used inside and outside the house.

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Buy your stainless steel flue pipe online

Did you check our large offer flue pipes, and have you made your choice? You can easily order your flue pipe or chimney liner via our webshop. Do you have a question ? Please contact us. We can give you expert advice.

Whether a twin wall flue pipe, a single wall flue pipe, or a chimney liner, you can buy it here on-line!

  • Twin wall flue allows a stove to be installed practically anywhere in the house. Whether its in an existing or a new house, twin wall flue lets you install a new chimney that is safe, effective and easy to fit.
  • We supply single wall flue pipe in two styles. We offer black enamel flue pipe in a standard matt finish, or glossy if specified, or stainless steel flue pipe. Whether you decide on our black enamel or stainless steel flue pipes, all single skin flue pipe should be jointed using fire cement - which we can supply at the same time as your pipe.
  • We have been supplying lining chimneys for well over 10 years and can advise you on what flexible flue lining system is best for your situation,  and supply all the materials you will need for the job. All the flexible flue liners and flue lining systems we use, have C.S.T.B approval and come with a ten year warranty.

Our best selling flue pipes

Chimney liner

Twin wall flue

Black stove pipe

Pellet stove pipe

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