Reasons to line a chimney  Fitting a flue liner Insulating a flexible liner

Flue liner kit (available in 5" and 6")

Choose your type of liner:

For burning wood & low sulpher coal
For burning coal

Multi-fuel 316 grade liner is adequate for most people's stove needs. However, if you plan on burning any smokeless fuels, burning a tonne of coal, or leaving the stove on over night, the 904 grade liner would be more suitable. This is because it is a higher grade of stainless steel that can withstand the higher temperatures, chemicals, and moisture that may be present during the burning process.

Individual products to line a chimney

It can be that your situation is not fit for a standard kit; or that you need special products like a register plate, fire cement etcetera. You can find our full range of products to line a chimney by choosing the required diameter below:

4" (100mm)  5" (125mm)  6" (150mm)  7" (175mm)

8" (200mm) 10" (250mm) 12" (300mm)