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Reasons to line a chimney Fitting a flue liner Insulating a flexible liner

Flue liner kit (available in 5" and 6")

Choose your type of liner:

If you’re looking for a flue-liner kit, then our multi-fuel 316-grade liner is ideal for most of your stove needs - easily one of our most popular products and we get great feedback on this product every month.

However, if you plan on burning any smokeless fuels, burning a tonne of coal, or leaving the stove on overnight, then the 904-grade liner is generally a better choice. The 904 is a higher grade of stainless steel and can handle much higher temperatures, as well as chemicals, and moisture that may be around during and after the burning process.


Individual products to line your chimney

You might find that your situation is not fit for a standard kit; or that you need special products like a register plate, fire cement, or something similar. Simply choose your chimney diameter from the list and find our full range of products to line that specific size:

5" (125mm) 6" (150mm)