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6" Flexible flue liner

You can conveniently use our 6-inch flexible flue liner with solid fuel, wood, gas and oil appliances because it is both HETAS and CE-approved. Just take into account that it is crucial to choose the right model for a particular application:

  • 316L  grade - You can use it for all applications apart from processed coal.
  • 904L  gradeIt shows more resistance to the corrosive substances released during combustion, so it works perfectly for processed coal and condensing applications as well.

Please keep in mind that the length of your 6-inch flexible flue pipe is very important because otherwise, the installation may turn out to be impossible, and you may experience delays and additional expenses for a properly sized 6-inch flue liner. 

So as to avoid such problems, it is best to add an extra metre or two. In this way, your installation process is more likely to be successful on the first attempt.

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23 Item(s)

23 Item(s)