We offer a 15-year warranty on DURA-FLUE 316 and Extra Flex 316 along with a 30-year warranty on DURA-FLUE 904. This offers protection against the faulty manufacture of the product or defective fuels/materials used when the liner has been fitted for its sole purpose as a domestic liner in use with HETAS listed recommended fuels only.


Flue-pipes.com will always try to resolve any warranty claim using common sense and practicality.

Guarantee conditions

  1. Flue-pipes.com guarantees its flue systems against any design or fabrication fault for 15/30 years.
  2. The installation has to be carried out with good work manship and according to the instructions. All legal requirements and obligations have to be respected, especially the Building Regulations 2010 Document J.
  3. The metal parts should not be in contact with lower-grade metals. The environment, nor the gasses should contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  4. Excluded from the warranty are:
    • Rubber joints
    • Paints and coatings
    • Loose insulation material
    • Moving parts, like doors
    • Materials from other suppliers.
  5. The warranty consists of the delivery of replacement material for the damaged parts or sections.
  6. The warranty does not include the installation of the new pipe or section; nor the removal of the damaged parts.
  7. The warranty does not include the flue where not all parts have been supplied by Flue-pipes.com
  8. The warranty does not include for flues not installed according to regulations or installation instructions.
  9. The warranty does not cover any defect caused by storms, flooding, extreme weather conditions or disasters like fires, earthquakes, war, terrorist acts and alike.
  10. Flue-pipes.com is not responsible for damage or loss of income as a consequence of the flue being out of service.