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The perfect flue kit for your boat - 5"/125mm

With specialy designed Flue parts for boats

The flue kit comprises the following components:

  • Single to Twin Wall Adapter: Connects the flue to the top exit of the stove.
  • Deck Plate: Designed for placement on the deck.
  • 1m Length with Handles: Enables easy deconstruction when the flue height exceeds the bridge's capacity.
  • Rain Cap
  • Winter Closure Cap: A black stainless steel lid used to seal the chimney when the unit is not in use.

Additionally Required Components:

  • Elements to connect the stove from the adapter to the deck plate (straight elements or elbows if the flue isn't straight). You will need an adjustible pipe to make the elements fit between the stove and the Deck plate.
  • A finishing plate or a round trim collar to cover the roof opening.

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17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)