Reasons to line a chimney

Building regulations do not insist that you fit a chimney liner. However it is generally recommended that you do line your chimney in the following circumstances:

- When your brick chimney has become porous over time.

- When you have a modern highly efficient stove that produces low-temperature smoke. For the smoke to rise without interference or turbulence, a smooth flue is required.


Consequences of not lining your chimneyChimney fire

- If the chimney is not sound, then smoke and carbon monoxide can enter your property.

- the combustibles may not rise and will cool down. They will deposit tar and condensationes, both can damage your property. Tar eventually bleeds through the mortar staining walls and wall paper. 

- Tar deposits will eventually burn to cause a chimney fire. On the other hand, fires in liners are extremely rare and would be contained within the stainless steel tube.



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