a pretty garden shed

Traditionally, British garden sheds have always been used for little more than storing lawnmowers, a few tools, and ancient tins of paint.

But something has changed in recent years, and garden sheds are suddenly receiving an incredible amount of love. They are now a centrepiece of the garden for many homes, with contemporary design elements, pretty doors and windows, and even full insulation throughout.

The problem is that even insulated sheds can get extremely nippy during the long winter months. This has resulted in another change in recent years: surging demand for stove heaters, flue pipes, and flue liner installation in garden sheds across the UK.


  • Safety Precautions: Ensure safe installation with quality stove flue pipes and proper flue liner components.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhere to local wood-burning stove regulations and use twin-wall flue systems for insulation.
  • Essential Components: Gather necessary items like twin wall adapters, rain caps, and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Flue Installation: Follow the steps for fitting the flue through the roof, ensuring correct height and secure mounting.

Can You Put a Stove Heater in a Garden Shed?

It probably wouldn't have crossed your mind a few years ago, but with the rise in popularity, you might now be thinking of treating your trusty outhouse to a little TLC in the form of a stove heater and stove flue pipe for your shed.

Fitting a stove and flue pipe with proper flue liner installation in your shed or outhouse is a wonderful way of enhancing your garden. So much so that after installing a stove and flue pipe in your shed, you might wonder why you never did this years ago.

Through this blog post, we are going to focus on one specific element of putting a stove heater in the shed: how to put a flue through a shed roof.

But first, is it even safe to put a stove in the shed?

Installing a Stove and Flue in a wooden Structure

You may have initial doubts about installing a wood-burning stove inside a shed made entirely from wood, but it isn't any less safe than installing a stove and flue inside your home.

Assuming you have taken the necessary precautions, that is.

Those precautions are pretty simple. Just make sure you buy a good quality stove flue pipe - and all the appropriate components for flue liner installation - to go with your stove heater. Other than that, doing a good job of the stove flue pipe installation is equally important.

Quality Is Key

Installing a stove and stove flue pipe in your shed is safe with the right components, like our durable, heat-resistant matt finish or stainless steel stove flue pipes. While these pipes are easy to install, remember the safety rule for going through the roof: switch from single-wall stove pipes to twin-wall flue pipes.

Twin-wall flues are important for safely passing through combustible materials (like a roof) and maintaining a good smoke draw due to their ability to handle higher temperatures. Start with our simple-to-cut, 1mm thick stove pipes from the stove, then just transition to twin-wall flues as you go upwards, especially through the roof.

Professional installation is an option (if you want to double down and feel confident in a good job), but it really is quite unnecessary as our stove and twin wall flue pipes are incredibly simple to install.


Again, installing a stove and stove flue pipe in your garden shed is quite a simple endeavour. However, there are certain wood burning stove regulations you need to be aware of to adhere to legal and safety standards.

Thankfully, it isn't especially complicated.

The main thing to be aware of is that the safest method is a twin-wall flue system for your shed, as a twin-wall flue pipe has excellent insulation, keeping its exterior from becoming too hot. These flue pipes are specifically designed for installations in spaces without a traditional chimney, such as passing through ceilings and walls.

Other than that, the same regulations apply to installing a twin wall flue inside your home. This involves adhering to all the guidelines in Document J, should you be interested in a more comprehensive look, that is.

Components for a Wood Burner in a Shed

To successfully install a wood burner and twin wall flue pipe, several other components may be required, including a twin wall adapter, rain cap, roof support, flashing, storm collar, locking bands, and wall support.

Don't forget additional items like fire cement, silicone, and a carbon monoxide alarm for a complete setup.

Installing the Flue through the Shed Roof

a wood burning stove in a shed

Fitting a flue through your shed's roof is simpler than it seems. Our comprehensive, step-by-step flue kit for garden shed product selector will help you choose the appropriate components.

Once you have these, you are ready to install.

After positioning your wood burner, connect the twin wall pipe to your stove using an adaptor, then mark a circle on the ceiling for the flue, adding space for the flue's diameter plus distance to combustibles.

Cut this hole with a jigsaw, then secure the flue using roof and wall supports. On the roof, insert the flue through the flashing, securing it with fireproof silicone sealant and screws. Finally, add the storm collar and rain cap, and you are good to go.

Flue Height for External Use

When installing a stove in smaller structures like sheds, the flue's height is often a concern, although usually, external flues should be at least 4.5 metres from the stove's top to the pipe's top for efficient drafting.

In smaller buildings, securing a flue of this height can be a little challenging. If necessary, a shorter chimney of around 3.5 metres is often adequate, especially when using a well-insulated twin-wall flue pipe. In some cases, a wire bracket can provide extra support if needed.

Wrap Up

With more people working from home these days and the extra space now required, our garden sheds have evolved into fully-fledged work, living, and even sleeping areas. A stove and flue pipe can be a terrific way to get your shed nice and toasty, and they look great, too.

Ready to give your shed the makeover it probably deserves? Choose flue-pipes.com for your garden shed flue pipe and benefit from our experience and expertise serving over 5000 UK homes with quality flue pipes.

With supportive and thorough guidance during installation, reliable after-sales service, and a straightforward no-hassle return policy, your home is assured of warmth and safety for the long term.

Questions about stove, stove flue pipes, or flue liner installation? You might find our FAQ page useful, but remember, our expert support team is just a phone call away if you need them. Call us whenever you need help!