Chimney Heights and Termination

The minimum chimney height recommended for minimum performance of wood burning and multi fuel appliances is 4.5 m from the top of the appliance to the top of the chimney.

The distance between the cowl of the flue and the adjacent roof/wall/structure should be higher than 2.3 mtr.

It is best to position the chimney, so that it goes straight up as near to the roof ridge as possible. The diagram below, taken from Document J (building regulations), shows the minimum flue discharge heights and positions for all wood burning and multi fuel applications.

In some cases, particularly when chimneys are towards the bottom of a sloping roof or at the eaves, it may be necessary to increase the chimney height above these minimum mandatory requirements. The reason for this is to clear pressure zones created by wind hitting the roof and nearby structures, like trees, which may interfere with the up draught required by the appliance or fire.

The maximum freestanding stack height above the roof for a traditional masonry chimney is 4.5 times the narrowest horizontal part of the chimney.
In the case of stainless steel system chimneys, the manufacturer’s installation instructions should be consulted; however in most cases it will be around 3 metres. This measurement is taken from the last point where the chimney stack passes the through or past the edge of the roof up to the chimney capping or termination. Tall chimneys may need bracing, always consult the manufacturer for advice.

 Chimney height



For buildings with combustible roofs e.g. felted roofs, the flue must terminate a minimum of 1.8m above the combustible surface:



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