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Reline your flue (Flue renovation)
New flue exterior of the house
New flue through the house/garage
New flue for a stove in an extension

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If you have any questions, or you think you might need some help with your flues,  contact us here. From our experience, people who ask more questions before buying get better results...

Here is the basic process we use to help you:

1. Choose the drawing that looks most like the solution you think you need
2. Fill in your measurements and add any other information you think we might need
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Occasionally, we may need to call or email you for further information, but usually, this simple process works for most enquiries.

Flue renovation

flexible blue flue









Flue Exterior of the house

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Flue through the house

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Flue for Shed/Garage/Terrace (also flat roof)


Flue for a stove in an extension

Only if the flue is within 2.3m from the wall; it needs to be higher than the roof. When the flue is more than 2.3m from the wall, the flue can go straight up for a minimum of 4.5m.

(click on the drawing that best represents your situation)

Basic technical information

Twin wall flue through the house External Flue Flexible liner in chimney Regulations

We create your personalised solution within 24 hours. We may need to contact you if your case is more complex and we need more information.