Select your twin wall flue system - in black or stainless steel. 

Note: A stainless steel flue is cheaper than a black painted flue.

Exterior Straight
external flue
Exterior with overhanging roof
twin wall flue external
Interior straight (1 or 2 story)
Twin Wall Flue Kit  Double Storey Straight Up Internal Flue System
Interior with offset (1 or 2 story)
Twin Wall Flue Kit internal with offfset
Garden shed/Garage/Outdoor house (also flat roof)
 Single Storey Garden Shed/Outhouse Flue Kit

Individual products to build a new chimney

You can find the appropriate full range of products to build a chimney by choosing the required diameter and color below:

5" black (125mm) 5" silver (125mm) 6" black (150mm) 6" silver (150mm) 
7" black (175mm) 7" silver (175mm) 8" black (200mm) 8" silver (200mm)

A twin wall flue pipe is suitable for the creation of both indoor and outdoor flues and can be used to pass through walls, roofs and floors.

All our parts are supplied with the necessary locking bands, free of charge.

Installation instructions