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Installing twin wall flue through the house

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Installation twin wall flue through the house

Floor passage - wooden floor

The picture on the right shows a chimney through a house with a wooden floor.

The connection from the single wall pipe to twin wall can be done in two ways:

  • With the Adapter to twin wall flue pipe, which goes into the enamel pipe
  • Insulated ceiling adaptor, where the enamel pipe goes into the adaptor, to give an aesthetic connection

The passage through the floor can be done with 2 ventilated firestop plates. Ventilated Fire Stop Plates must be secured into the ceiling or the floor whenever the system exits and/or enters a habited space.

1. Put a length through a pre-prepared wood box and slide down the firestop support plate and the support clamp.

2. Scew the firestop support plate to the box and lay the support clamp on the support plate. Next, screw the support clamp directly to the jacket pipe of the length. Make sure the screws are short enough not to touch or puncture the core pipe.

Install the ventilated plate on the bottom. Additional masking plate can be placed over the ventilated plate to look aesthetically better.

Safety distances:

Installation norms set a minimum distance between the single wall enamel pipes and both the wooden roof and floor as 3 times the diameter (of the pipe) and never less than 375mm. Below are the equivalent vertical separation values (height d):

Diameter minimum distance:
130/150/180mm 375mm
200mm 395mm

The minimum distance between the insulated chimney's outer wall and the combustible materials is 60mm (G60).