Through the house

Installing twin wall flue through the house

Installation twin wall flue through the house

Floor passage - Wooden floor

The picture right shows a chimney through a house with a wooden floor. 

The connection from the single wall pipe to double wall can be solved in 2 ways:

  • With the Adaptor to twin wall flue pipe, which goes into the enamel pipe (pictured below left).
  • Insulated ceiling adaptor, where the enamel pipe goes into the adaptor, to give an esthetic connection (pictured below right).

The passage through the floor can be done in 2 ways:

  • With 2 ventilated firestop plates (pictured bottom left).
  • With 2 closed firestop plates, the tight wall sleeve and specialised 60 mm thick insulation between both, this protects the wood. Thanks to this system, heat losses caused by the ventilation in the previous system are avoided, as the point where the chimney goes through the ceiling is airtight (pictured bottom right).


Safety distances

Installation norms set a minimum distance between the Deko wood single wall enamel pipes and both the wooden roof and floor as 3 times the diameter (of the pipe) and never less than 375 mm. Below are the equivalent vertical separation values (height d): 

Diameter                              Min distance
130/150/180 mm                  375 mm
200 mm                                395 mm

The minimum distance between the insulated chimney's outer wall and the combustible materials is 60 mm (G60). 






floor passage


Flue through flammabe (wooden) floor

                   View from below                                                                               View from the top 

doorvoer door plafonddoor houten vloer


Flue through stone/concrete floor

The connection single to double wall can be made in the floor.


                    View from below                                                                               View from the top 

Rookkanaal door onbrandbaar plafondkachelpijp door stenen vloer





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