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Advantages of an external twin wall flue

The use of an external twin wall flue system is particularly advantageous in situations where routing through the interior of a building is not feasible or practical. While ensuring minimal heat loss and withstanding weather-induced deterioration, these systems also maintain a lower external temperature to reduce the risk of fire hazards. By preserving the temperature of flue gases, external twin wall flue systems minimize the potential for condensation and creosote accumulation, which are significant risks for chimney fires.

Choosing an external twin wall flue system not only meets various building regulations but also gives the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that their heating system functions safely and productively. Above everything else, an external twin wall flue system is all about efficiency.

An external twin wall flue system is a sophisticated method for directing exhaust gases from heating appliances to the exterior of a building. This system features a distinctive double-layered construction: an inner pipe that channels the exhaust and an outer pipe that provides protection. Sandwiched between these layers is a space filled with a specific insulating material. This design ensures that the external wall of the flue maintains a safe temperature, regardless of the heat traveling through the inner pipe.

The twin wall design is important to both the safety and productivity of the system, as it reduces the heat transfer to surrounding structures, helping to prevent fire hazards in the process (especially when the flue passes through walls or roofs). In addition, the insulated construction of a twin wall external flue kit helps maintain a high temperature within the flue, encouraging efficient operation.

The actual application of twin wall external flue kits is quite varied. They are most common in properties without existing chimneys but are also used when an internal flue installation is not possible. The external twin wall flue pipe is also useful when extending or modifying existing heating systems, giving a flexible and safe solution for most types of properties, both residential and commercial.

Installation instructions

Installation of an External Twin Wall Flue System

Installing an external twin wall flue system is a fairly straightforward process that can greatly improve the safety and productivity of your heating system. Here’s a basic step-by-step fitting guide below - although we do have more detailed external twin wall flue installation guides available if you need them.

1) Planning and Preparation: Start by determining the best route for your flue system, taking into account the shortest and safest path to the outside. Measure the distance accurately so you can purchase the correct length of the twin wall external flue pipe.

2) Assembling the Flue: With our twin wall flue systems, there is no need for sealants, pastes, or glues: each section of the flue kit locks securely into place, forming a nice and tight seal, preventing leakage of exhaust gases.

3) Using Adapters: Depending on your heating appliance, you will need an adapter to transition from a single wall pipe to the twin wall flue - make sure you choose the right adapter, as this is a big part of maintaining the productivity of the exhaust system.

4) Installation: Start by installing the flue at the appliance and work upwards, securing each section with locking bands and supporting the flue system with wall brackets (especially at bends and turns). Remember to maintain a safe distance from combustible materials as required by building regulations.

5) Final Checks: Once the installation is complete, inspect the entire length of the flue for proper alignment and stability, and ensure all sections are properly secured with no gaps in the joints.

For a comprehensive selection of pipe sizes and finishes, take a look at our twin wall flue pipe options to find the perfect match for your system!

External Twin Wall Flue Kit Types

Each twin wall flue kit serves a unique purpose and suits different installation scenarios, with five types of kits available depending on the homeowner's requirements. Let's take a look at the various installation tips and considerations for each one:

Exterior Straight

External Straight

Ideal for straightforward installations without major obstructions, the exterior straight twin wall flue kit (stainless) is perfect for properties with a clear path to the roof. When installing, ensure that the flue extends high enough above the roofline to comply with regulations and to ensure efficient smoke dispersion. Also available in a black exterior straight twin wall flue kit.

Exterior with Overhanging Roof

Exterior with Overhanging Roof

For homes with overhanging eaves or roofs, the exterior with overhanging roof kit (stainless) includes additional components like angled bends to navigate around these structures. Pro tip: make sure you plan the route carefully to avoid excessive bends, which can impact the draw of your flue system. Also available in a black exterior with overhanging roof kit.

Garden Shed/Garage/Outdoor House (Also Flat Roof):

Garden Shed/Garage/Outdoor House

Tailored for outbuildings or structures with flat roofs, this kit (stainless) often includes flashing suitable for flat surfaces. Pay close attention to the sealing around the flue where it exits the roof to prevent water ingress. Also available in black.

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